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During the course of using and learning the SharePoint REST API I developed a small tool to make it easier to explore the API and to generate REST url's for use during development of other projects.

The app is 100% client side development, deployed via a Sandbox solution and will work on-prem or in Office 365.

The original blog post about the REST API can be found here;


Main UI

main ui


Keyword Help

Shows all of the usable query keyword specified by the ODATA protocol and which the SharePoint REST API uses.

keyword help

Lists and Columns

Select a List from the list control and see the columns from that list, click the clolumns to use them in the REST query.

lists and columns

Manual Query Entry

Enter the REST query manually using the edit control

manual query entry


Shows the final REST Url used to generate results, copy it into your projects

rest url

JSON Results

Shows the query results as an expandable JSON string

JSON results

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gwinterhalter Jun 17, 2016 at 4:05 AM 
Hi - Looks great. I compiled it, installed it, activated it, enabled feature but cant find it as a webpart. How is this opened?

Greg Winterhalter